What is Safe Goa Initiative ?

Visitors and localites alike have acknowledged experiencing sexual harassment in Goa, including our very own team members. However, the same is not reflected in either formal, i.e. with the police, or informal reporting. Through conversations and pilot studies, we noticed a lack of reporting culture in Goa.

SafeGoa is a platform created for Goa to collect and analyse data on sexual harassment as well as spread awareness on the issues of sexual violence and encourage reporting by using low tech methodologies like printed open maps.

Our team consists of both Goans and Non- Goans, coming together to make Goa a safer place for all. We believe that crowd sourced data has the potential to be used, not only to gain a better understanding of incidences of sexual harassment, but also to create opportunities for meaningful interventions.

Our Goals

  • To encourage and enable reporting of harassment in Goa and to sustain a conversation around it
    This project aims at changing the culture of reporting through its activities. It also aims at starting conversation overcoming the stigma associated with it
  • To understand perspectives of harassment (locals and tourists )
    Goa has a mixed population of native population and a large floating population .Hence an ideal place to study and understand the behavioural patterns in context of a resident and tourists . This would help in sensitizing the public about different perceptions of harassment.
  • To engage communities to create sustainable solutions against harassment
    The collected data would provide us an understanding on the problems that a particular space is facing and the best solutions to any problems involve a local community participation.
  • Developing low tech methodologies to make it more accessible.

How can you help ?


Use our maps available in various locations in Goa to report Harassment.

List of locations to find maps>>


You can also report online here


If you own or have access to a public space and would love to help. Please get in touch with us at theteam@thebachchaoproject.org to host a map in your city.


This is a collaborative effort between
The Bachchao Project

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